Things to know about candy.

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Candy or sweets that we have known since childhood have an unclear history. Some say it started with medieval Europeans. That led to evolution after humans were able to grow sugarcane and purify sugar. To produce hard sugar Some say it came from the Egyptians, who mixed fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices with honey and made them into balls. Production in the early days had similar characteristics, often making candy or other sweet snacks. By heating the sugar until it simmers until it turns into a liquid. and poured into the mold material Leave it to cool and become solid. Until it becomes a sweet treat for sucking and chewing. It has been like by people of every era until now.

The source of many sweet treats that your child likes is sugar, but there are many types of sugar. It’s not just the white color that we’re use to. Sugar that is use as an ingredient in desserts is granulated sugar, which is process sugar. which is sucrose. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Glucose comes from the conversion of carbohydrates and other foods in the body. It is one of the most important sugars. because it is in the bloodstream It is present in a few foods, such as honey and grapes. or in some starchy foods. Fructose sugar or fruit sugar It is a very sweet sugar found in honey and some fruits such as apples and pears. Maltose is form during the digestion of carbohydrates. And found in rice Young wheat or barley, lactose, is found in milk and is the least sweet sugar.

Sugar is what causes your child’s teeth to decay more than anything else. This is because the bacteria in the tooth stains or (plaque) will use sugar to create acid and destroy the tooth enamel. Lactose in milk and in fruits, vegetables, seeds, or nuts does not cause tooth decay much. The bad sugar is sucrose or processed sugar.

Sugar does not make you fat. This is because sugar has the same energy content as other carbohydrates, such as potatoes or beans. Most sugars have little nutritional value. The purer the white sugar, the less nutritious it is. But it contains 99.5% sucrose. Foods that are high in energy such as chocolate, cakes, cookies, even if you eat a little, will get a lot of calories. A chocolate bar may have the same calories as a meal of chicken, boiled potatoes, vegetables, and gravy, but it won’t fill you up or provide variety. So if you eat foods that are rich in The nutritional value You should reduce sweets.

And don’t be intimidate by the process sugar in desserts. Because in some canned foods or even ketchup It’s full of sugar.