Techniques makeup that will make you apply false eyelashes yourself like a professional.

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Makeup trends these days require tight eyebrows and full, fluffy eyelashes to make your eyes look fluffy and beautiful. Wearing false eyelashes will add charm. Make girls’ eyes look big, beautiful, and sweet. There are many different types of false eyelashes to choose from. There are thick rafts, bouquets, pointed styles, criss-crossed styles, etc. But what kind of false eyelashes should you choose that will be suitable for your eye shape or makeup application

Techniques that no matter how beginner you are, you can definitely apply beautiful false eyelashes.

White false eyelash glue is easier to apply than black false eyelash glue.

          We may have heard that black false eyelash glue is more beautiful and smooth than white false eyelash glue. For professional makeup artists, it’s probably true. Because black false eyelash glue can replace eyeliner. But for beginners like us, we’d say it’s better not to. Because our hands aren’t as steady as a professional makeup artist’s, our eyelids might accidentally turn black because of the mess. It’s better to use it as white eyelash glue. Because most of them are easily absorbed and do not leave annoying white glue residue. No matter how messy you apply the glue, no one will notice. Just choose glue that sticks firmly, and your beauty won’t go anywhere. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Apply eyeliner before and after applying false eyelashes. Helps make it look more smooth.

          You can use gel eyeliner or pencil eyeliner. Just cut it close to the eyelid, it can be thick or thin. Because when we put on false eyelashes, sometimes they don’t close to the edge of the eye. Or maybe it floats a lot above the edge of the eye. But the color of the eyeliner is a good camouflage tool. Guarantee that false eyelashes won’t look floating. As for tapping eyeliner after finishing applying the eyelashes, this is in order to cover up the glue residue that hasn’t completely absorbed.

Cut false eyelashes to fit the shape of your eyes.

          Many new girls may not know that false eyelashes can actually be cut off. This is because false eyelashes may be longer than our eye shape. Or if it happens just right, there must at least be a stem that extends out. That part is what makes girls so irritated. Some people have tears in their eyes and don’t even want to wear false eyelashes ever again. Therefore, you should find scissors or a small razor to cut off the excess eyelashes first. And it has to line up with our eyes just right. If you cut it too short, it will look unattractive. Then apply glue and stick it on.

Curl real eyelashes to make them bounce with fake eyelashes.

          If you want that day to look all beautiful and ready, you should curl your real eyelashes to make them curled and bouncy first. Many beginners may overlook this point because they think that just having false eyelashes is enough to make them bouncy. False eyelashes actually make your overall makeup look much more beautiful. But if you want your eyes to look round and not separated by too much false eyelashes. It’s better to curl your real eyelashes so they’re as bouncy as your fake eyelashes, ladies.

Apply mascara to make your real eyelashes and false eyelashes blend together.

          This is an issue that has been debated many times among female friends. After applying false eyelashes, why do we still need to apply more mascara. That’s because false eyelashes and real eyelashes may have different colors. Even if our eyelashes are black, sometimes they may not be as black as the color of false eyelashes. Applying mascara on both false eyelashes and real eyelashes helps us to have beautiful, smooth eyelashes that blend together more. Also, applying mascara makes your false eyelashes curl and bounce more. This time it was as beautiful as I wanted and didn’t look fake.