Laporta responds to Nagelsmann’s doubts

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Joan Laporta insists Barcelona are in better financial condition than a year ago after Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann raised doubts about investing in the market. Players this summer of the Azul Grana team.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has confirmed that Azulgrana’s condition has improved over last year and will be able to sign more players this summer following Julian Nagels. Bayern Munich coach Mann has questioned how the ufabet club can cope with financial problems following the loss of Robert Lewandowski to the Catalan giants. Paternal grandmother As reported by Mundo Deportivo on Friday. 

Bayern coach Nagelsmann has questioned how Barcelona’s new signings this summer could happen to the club’s huge debt. But can still draw players to add to the army continuously this summer. 

‘What I’m going to ask is that they value the current account. Huge sums of money were spent on Lewandowski’s arrival. I respect everyone and I am not involve in the rest of the economy.’

‘I’ll let them clarify their doubts. Because maybe they think we can’t do it. But they did not measure Barca’s strength and the dynamics of the new board. it is a lack of acceptance Lack of information about our club’

Laporta also explained that Barcelona are in a different situation than last year. After working to solve the problems of the new management

‘It is true that we are in the final stage. But we left the hospital with the economic lever open and these gentlemen are still on our duty open.’

‘For the world of football which is surprising Because they are acting like they are surprised at the competitive advantage. I’ll tell them we’re awake, Barça is back.’

‘If I don’t interfere with what other people do, should not interfere with what we do We probably did because they thought we would move on in the transfer market and they saw that we beat them. Let them worry about their own affairs.’

‘Our competitors see that we are signing good contracts. And the players want to come to Barca, but every club is stronger. They do what they can. And I will not interfere,’ Laporta said.