Kunde says goodbye and thanks Sevilla

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Schulz Kunde posted a video saying goodbye and thanking the club and Sevilla fans. After moving to football with Barcelona

Barcelona defender Jules Kunde posted a video saying goodbye to Sevilla fans and thanking the club for their support during their three-year career with Andalusia. Until moving to the ‘Camp Nou’ this summer for a fee of 50 million euros plus additional bonuses of 10 million euros. According to a report from ‘Dirio As’ on Friday. 

Kunde moved from Bordeaux to Sevilla in the summer of 2019, before joining Barcelona this summer. The 23-year-old has poste a video thanking the ufabet club and Sevilla fans for their love and support over the past three years. 

‘Good evening, all Seville fans. It’s time to say goodbye to you guys. I want to dedicate a few words to you. Thank you for everything. for love For the encouragement that I have received since I arrived It is an honor to protect this badge and wear that shirt.’

‘I remember many things. First appearance on the Champions League stage Hearing the music is something I will always carry with me, of course, the first trophy, the Europa League, which is crazy. Although we can’t have fun with you guys. We felt your support throughout the competition.’

‘It’s also my first time being called up to the national team. All in all I am grateful to the club, thank you very much. I will also bring memories of the El Gran derby. It was a blessing to experience that game. Full of passion, hard to explain, people shouting at us. People run 100 meters behind the bus, it’s very special.’

‘So I want to find the best in this world. I am sure you will continue to enjoy this team because of the good players and very good people. I’d like to send my love to you and see you soon, Ciao’ Kunde said.