Gugureya move to Manchester City, new challenge

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Brighton defender Marc Gugureya had the chance to end up with the club without grace when he recently requested a transfer request for a new challenge. With a mark at Manchester City

Reports from ‘ Guardian Sports ‘ that Gugureya is the player that City manager Josep Guardiola wants to grab as a replacement for the quota. Oleksandr Zinchenko. Who was sold to Arsenal but the figure set by the ‘ Gulls ‘ tops £ 50m, talks have not progressed.  

Until recently, the 24 – year-old star has urge his case to come to a conclusion faster. Because of his desire to leave the Amex on the recommendation of his agent.  

When it comes to jokes, Brighton are force to sell it for the highest price, and ‘ Blue Sailings ‘ must be a dazzle on the negotiating table as the current figure is just over £30million, still 40 percent  off the opening price.

By the time – the deputy trading of the Spanish defender. Graeme Potter ‘s team had to find a new left stopper first.   

“He can press three or four players in 10 seconds for 90 minutes and I have the feeling in most cases we will miss them. It’s life and their successes will be our happiness.”

Guardiola added that Sterling’s “explosion of something incredible and unpredictable” helped him go from a raw talent after leaving Liverpool to a well-rounded person and goalscorer.